Last summer we laid in a hammock at an eco-retreat in Durham and dreamt up a weekend of QUEERS.
We pictured yoga, hiking, camp fires, cold Saugeen River plunges & trees!

This June we hosted our first Queer Camp at Riverstone Retreat.

We knew this would be magical, but we had no idea just how much so. We left with a renewed energy, provided by being in a space with 100 queers. We left with new friendships, love, connections & a few tears.

Connecting in this way with our community is important, it reminds us of who we really are together at the core.

Intergenerational spaces that provide opportunity for real connections, stories around a campfire; this is how our history will be passed down.

Queer minds mingle in nature.

Meet your Camp Founders!

camp hosts

Meet Jessie & Skylar

A Queer Camp was started by us- Jessie and Skylar. Just a couple of quiet life queers looking for community, in the trees.

After Jessie left her career and home city for the beach life, she started a camp business - Golden Girls Camp! She lived in her trailer and set up camps for front line colleagues to have a place of respite without the work.

While Skylar was returning to their hometown of Meaford to begin their career in Culinary Education. Passionate about teaching youth to cook, and feeding community - Skylar was seeking connection with queer culture and community.

We joined together and planned A Queer Summer camp for adults!

hurkle durkle

Our Vibe

We call it hurkle durkle when we lay in the hammock LONG after it’s probably time to get up & join our friends on the group river float … which we missed!

We enjoy flow. Hammocks, floaties, kayaks on the still waters, learning new things, smoking around a good fire and laughing our asses off with friends.

We enjoy good food experiences, and a beautiful view of the trees. We like walks that lead us to giant mushrooms and plants our apps can't identify.

We hold space for all beautiful humans, who are seeking connections to community in an intentional way.

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